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English as a Foreign Language Program
for International Teachers (EFLPIT)

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The English as a Foreign Language Program for International Teachers (EFLPIT) is offered to groups by request only and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the group. This program provides training for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers who want to enhance their teaching abilities. This is an intensive 3-week program and is intended for teachers of English as a Foreign Language who have had a minimum of two years of teaching experience and whose native language is not English. Courses meet Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm, and include lectures, classrooms observations, preparation and presentation of a final project, and educational field trips.

Program Goals: To extend English as a Foreign Language (EFL) training for teachers in order to meet the needs of EFL learners in the 21st Century by:

  • enhancing and energizing teaching skills with communicative approaches;
    exploring the applications of instructional technology to the language classroom;

  • strengthening oral English skills for instructors;

  • deepening understanding of the connection between culture and language in North America.

  • discussing current research in the area of Second Language Acquisition

Program Dates: The EFLPIT is typically a 3-week program but can be customized to meet the needs of your group.

Application deadlines:
Please contact us at least five months in advance to schedule a program for your group.

Courses in EFLPIT:

Second Language Acquisition (SLA):
This course will review current research in the field of second language acquisition, focusing on the stages of language learning and reading comprehension/processing.

EFL Pedagogy (EFLP):
The EFLP course will focus on current pedagogical approaches and communicative techniques for teaching English as a foreign language with a focus on teaching vocabulary, including using technology and designing activities for lexical acquisition.

Instruction and Technology in the EFL Classroom (ITEFL):
The ITEFL course will offer ideas for technology and corpus-based grammar instruction. Online resources, social media, and multimedia that engage learners and improve instruction will also be explored.

Language Enhancement and Culture (LEC):
This course will focus on furthering participants' listening and speaking skills in order to enhance teaching abilities. Through materials and class discussions, the connection between American English and American culture will be explored.

Additional Course Components:

Guest Lectures:
Professors from the University of Pittsburgh will lecture on second language learning theory and research.

Classroom Observations:
Participants will observe ESL classes taught by experienced teachers in the English Language Institute.

Conversation Groups:
Participants will meet with native English speakers in a small group setting for conversation practice.

Final Project:
In small groups, participants will develop a project designed to implement the techniques and procedures learned in the program. Each group will present its project to program participants on the final day.

All participants who successfully complete the program are awarded a certificate of attendance.

Field Trips and Cultural Excursions:
The cost of the program can include field trips nearby, as well as trips to nearby cities, all led by program teachers and staff.

Day trips around the city:
Activities may include visits to world-famous museums, places of historical importance in Pittsburgh, or cultural events in the city, such as a picnic or major league baseball game. Visit the ELI's Activities Calendar for a sample of past activities.

Day trip to the mountains:
Participants will spend a day in the mountains near Pittsburgh, enjoying waterfalls, a picnic, and a visit to Fallingwater, an architectural wonder designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Day trip to Niagara Falls:
Visit one of the seven natural wonders of the world in Niagara Falls, New York.

Other optional activities may be available for an additional cost.

Program Cost:

Please contact us at least five months in advance of your proposed program so that we can provide you with a proposal with pricing details.

For more information about the English as a Foreign Language Program for International Teachers (EFLPIT), please contact:

University of Pittsburgh
English Language Institute
Attn: Admissions Officer
Parkvale Building, Room M13
200 Meyran Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

phone: 412-624-5901
fax: 412-624-6130