Website Housing Questionnaire

(This questionnaire is to request help for dormitory and apartment stays, not homestays.)

1. Please check one:

     I already know where and with whom I am going to live.

     I need help finding a place to live.

2. I prefer to live in the follwing situation:

     university dormitory (summer only)

     an apartment by myself

     an apartment shared with an American roommate

     an apartment shared with another international student

     an apartment shared with someone from my country (We do not recommend this situation).

3. I would like to pay no more than $ / month.

4. Please check one:

     I prefer to live close to the university and walk to the campus.

     I can take a bus to the university -- I can live 15 - 30 minutes from campus.

     I plan to drive to the university.

5. I would like to make an appointment for help with housing. I will be arriving in Pittsburgh on (month/day and time). I understand that the housing director will contact me to arrange a time for an appointment.

     My name is

     My email address is

     Re-type your email address for verification


Revised 12/07/2010