English Language Institute

Admission to a Degree Program at the University of Pittsburgh

ELI students at Pitt Admissions Open House

Admission to the English Language Institute does not include admission to any degree programs at the University of Pittsburgh.

Undergraduate Admissions at Pitt

Students who wish to apply for an undergraduate degree should contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid directly.

Graduate Admissions at Pitt

Students who wish to apply for a graduate degree should contact the department that offers the degree. Visit Graduate Admissions to help you get started.

English Proficiency Testing

After students are admitted to a degree program at the University of Pittsburgh, they may be required to take additional English language tests. For information about this testing, visit the Department of Linguistics' Web site.

Conditional Admission and TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo Waivers

ELI students who successfully complete the ELI's Intensive English Program may be eligible for conditional admission or a TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo waiver or to certain degree programs at Pitt and partner universities.