English Language Institute


Students of the English Language Institute have several housing options. From apartments to dorms to staying with a family, students are able to stay in an environment where they are comfortable.


Homestays with Local Families*

Some ELI students choose to live with a local family in a homestay arranged by a homestay company.  Most homestays are located within a 45-minute bus ride to campus and include two meals per day. Homestay options include but are not limited to:

Apartments in the University Area and Nearby Neighborhoods*

Apartments near the university are available and reasonably inexpensive. Students can find information about apartments nearby, locating roommates, and other useful information about renting or leasing an apartment in Pittsburgh on the University's Off-Campus Living page. Although students are responsible for making their own apartment leasing arrangements, the ELI can also share information with students to help them locate suitable apartments. Read more...

Student Residence Hall in Downtown Pittsburgh*

Penn Commons residence hall is a residence hall that is open to students from colleges and universities throughout Pittsburgh.  Located in the middle of the historic cultural district in downtown Pittsburgh, it's just a short ride to the ELI.  Private, furnished rooms are reasonably priced, and leases are for a semester. Read more...

University of Pittsburgh Student Dormitories (summer only)

During the summer term (May–August), University of Pittsburgh housing is usually available in the university dormitories. A minimum stay of four weeks is required.


*DISCLAIMER: The English Language Institute and the University of Pittsburgh assume no responsibility for any outdated or inaccurate information. The fact that the homestays and residence hall are listed in this electronic form does not constitute approval or certification by the University of Pittsburgh because the University does not inspect or warrant any of these homes or the residence hall. The University makes no representation or warranty about the safety, quality, or habitability of the homestays or residence halls listed.