English Language Institute

Join the ELI Student Council!

The ELI is interested in listening to our students’ ideas about our program. We want to know what you want and need from us, and we want to find ways for our students to contribute to making the ELI the best it can be.
For these reasons, the ELI forms a Student Council each term. Student Councils can perform many different functions, and as a member of the Student Council, you will help to decide its focus. Student Councils sometimes give input on program policies and classes, help plan special events or projects, and support or mentor other students. Student Councils give the student body a voice; they speak for all of the students. As a Student Council member, you will have the chance to communicate with ELI administrator about the ELI program and to make a difference in your own language education. 
The Student Council is a great way to practice your English and to meet new people. We know that ELI students are very busy, so the Council will decide how often to meet and for how long. If you are interested in being a part of the ELI Student Council next term, see Stacy in her office in room M22 or email her. We hope that you will be a part of making our students heard at the ELI!