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New Podcast by ELI Teachers!

Ece Ulus and Heather McNaught, hosts of the English as a Singing Language Podcast

English as a Singing Language Podcast

ELI teachers Ece Ulus and Heather McNaught have been using music to teach English at Language Music Club which started in the ELI in 2017. In Language Music Club, they use songs from different styles of music and time periods to practice English. They both feel that using music to learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation is a lot more fun than sitting down with a textbook.

Therefore, earlier this year, they decided to make Language Music Club into a podcast. They hope that more people who are teaching or learning English can share their enthusiasm for learning English with music. Last week, they relased the first episode of the podcast, “English as a Singing Language”. Ece and Heather invite you to take a listen and sing your way to better English.

There will be a new episode every three weeks, so make sure to follow the podcast and you will be notified every time there is new content.  Have fun and... Just keep singing!

Listen and follow the podcast at: