English Language Institute

Midterm Entry: Fall 2020 Intensive English Program

If you were unable to begin your English studies in September, please join our intensive English program classes already in progress. For more information about class structure, please visit the Intensive English Program webpage. Please see below for details about applying, midterm entry program dates and pricing, and more. 

All English Language Institute (ELI) applicants must take the ELI placement test. Students are placed into levels in existing classes based on the results of the placement test. Please note that acceptance at midterm depends on availability. At midterm, classes are sometimes full, so the ELI cannot guarantee that all levels or classes will be available to students testing at midterm. If students test into a level that is full, the ELI will not be able to accommodate them.

No student visa is required. Full- and part-time study is available. Midterm entry is not available for F-1 student visas.

ELI Midterm Placement Test Date Fall Term 2020:

  • October 6, 11:00 am-1:00 pm

    • Zoom video conference

Midterm Calendar:

  • October 8 – November 23, 2020

Deadline for completed applications is 12:00 pm, October 5, 2020. Applicants must provide:

Midterm entry applicants do not have to pay the $300 tuition deposit or $110 application fee. 


Please note that textbooks are required and are not included with tuition fees.

  • 1 class: $656
  • 2 classes: $1202
  • 3 classes: $1748
  • 4 classes: $2294
  • 5 classes: $2728

University of Pittsburgh Mandatory Fees  

In addition to ELI tuition, all ELI students must pay mandatory University fees.

  • University Student Activity Fee $24
  • Computing and Network Services Fee: $100
  • Security, Safety, and Transportation Fee $90
  • Wellness Fee*** $90

*** The Wellness Fee provides access to Student Health Services, which covers minor health problems and pharmacy services. This fee is not hospitalization/health insurance. ELI students must show proof of hospitalization/health insurance at registration. Read more...

Health Insurance

  • All ELI students must show proof of hospitalization/health insurance at registration.