English Language Institute

Summer 2020 Intensive English Program Remote Learning: Tuition and Fees

For the Intensive English Program and the General English Evening Course, University of Pittsburgh employee education benefits may be available for eligible faculty, staff, librarians, research associates, and post-doctoral research associates and scholars, as well as their spouse/domestic partner and dependent child(ren). Read more about University of Pittsburgh employee education benefits… 


Application Fee



Required University

Summer 2020 Intensive English Program Remote Learning

(Waived for  summer 2020)


(Not required for summer 2020)


(part-time per course)

This price reflects a 20% discount from Spring 2020.


(Discounted for remote instruction in summer 2020.)

*Your deposit will appear on your Pitt Student Payment Account as a payment towards your ELI tuition. Refunds of deposits are only given if an applicant does not meet the admission requirements on the ELI’s Placement Exam or if the ELI cancels a class. Read more about the ELI’s Refund Policy…

**Required University Fees (where applicable)

For Summer 2020, students will only be charged for the Computing and Network Services Fee. All other Required University Fees are waived for Summer 2020. 



University Student Activity Fee

$30 ($7 for summer programs)

Computing and Network Services Fee


Security, Safety, and Transportation Fee


Wellness Fee***


*** The Wellness Fee provides access to Student Health Services, which covers minor health problems and pharmacy services. This fee is not hospitalization/health insurance. ELI students must show proof of hospitalization/health insurance at registration. Read more...

Additional Expenses

Students should plan accordingly for additional expenses for living and studying in Pittsburgh.