English Language Institute

Admission to the ELI

Requirements for Admission to the Intensive English Program in the ELI

To be accepted to the Intensive English Program in the ELI, applicants must:

  • Show proof of graduation from high school or attendance at a university.

  • Have at least a high beginning level of English (approximately equivalent to 24 on the internet-based TOEFL).

    • All applicants must take an entrance exam before full admission to the ELI is given. The ELI will contact applicants after their application is complete and will schedule the entrance exam with the applicant.

    • The number of proficiency levels offered each term depends on enrollments.

  • Provide a copy of a current, valid passport.

  • Submit a completed application form including any required documents and appropriate fees. Necessary fee payments can be found at Tuition & Fees

Requirements for Other Programs in the ELI

  • Please visit the programs page for the program you are interested in for specific admission requirements for that program.

Requirements for an F-1 Student Visa