English Language Institute

Giving to the English Language Institute (ELI)

There are many ways to show your support of schools that are important to you. One way that we express support in the U.S. is by donating money to help the school support teaching and learning. Your contribution to the ELI will enable us to continue providing high-quality English language training to our students by helping us to:

  • create student scholarships, book awards, and other resources for students;
  • enhance existing programs and create other new and innovative English language programs;
  • implement the latest technology for language teaching and learning in our classes;
  • and pursue other Institute initiatives that will attract both a diverse student population and talented instructors.

To contribute to the ELI, please click the donate button below. You can choose to make a gift and pay immediately, (Give Now), make a gift and schedule payments, or make a gift multiple times each year (Perpetual Gift). You can also choose to make a donation in honor of a loved one, a former classmate, or maybe your favorite ELI teacher.  

Donations of any amount are appreciated. If you are unsure about how much to dontate, here are examples of what your contribution can do:​


allows a student to attend a networking event.


pays for an ELI t-shirt for a student.


buys a student a textbook.


helps a new student pay the tuition deposit in the Intensive English Program (IEP).


sponsors a student group activity. 


supports new technology for teaching and learning. 

You could also consider making a donation that pays for the full amount of tuition costs and required fees for a full-time student in the ELI. Please note that all donations go to the general English Language Institute Development Fund. 

If you would like to make a large donation via wire transfer or would like to discuss other donation options, please contact the ELI (elipitt@pitt.edu) and your message will be forwarded to the ELI Director, Dr. Dawn E. McCormick. 

Thank you for helping the ELI achieve our mission and to educate students from around the world.