English Language Institute


Travel Update 

Travel between the U.S. and some countries may be interrupted due to COVID. If you have been accepted at the ELI and you are unable to enter the U.S. as a result of these travel restrictions, please contact the ELI at elipitt@pitt.edu. If necessary, you can defer your attendance to a future term. More information about steps being taken to keep the University community safe can be found at the Power of Pitt website

Vaccinations and Testing 

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention is requiring proof of a negative COVID test for all passengers arriving in the US. The test must be conducted within 3 calendar days preceding the flight. Please visit the CDC website for any updates on this requirement. Learn more about the vaccination clinic at the University of Pittsburgh and the power of vaccines.

Application Materials

Application forms can also be requested by emailing our Admissions Team at elipitt@pitt.edu.

Application Reminders


Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct

  • Please review the ELI Student Handbook for specific policies and procedures that apply to students in our program.
  • All students at the University of Pittsburgh are expected to familiarize themselves with and are required to follow the University's Student Code of Conduct.  The Student Code of Conduct explains what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior for students, and the disciplinary action or punishment students may face if they violate these rules and policies.  For the most up-to-date Student Code of Conduct, visit the University's Student Affairs web page and click on the "Code of Conduct" box. 

Recruitment Agents

If you are a professional international student recruitment agent or agency and would like to be considered for an agent agreement to recruit students for eligible ELI programs, please contact ELI Director, Dawn E. McCormick, for more information. Please note, in order to receive commission:

  • The agent must have a valid signed agent agreement with the ELI before the student registers and pays for classes. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the review of your agent application, contacting references, and processing of the agreement. The ELI cannot pay commission to any agent or agency that does not have a valid signed agent agreement in our system before the student registers and pays for classes.
  • The student must also indicate the name of the agent or agency in section of F of his/her application to the ELI.