English Language Institute

Tuition & Fees

All fees, deposit amounts, tuition, and other stated costs of the English Language Institute are subject to change.

For the Intensive English Program and the General English Evening Course, University of Pittsburgh education benefits may be available for University employees and research associates, as well as their spouses and children. For more information, please contact Faculty Records at 412-624-4232 or visit their office in G-39 in the Cathedral of Learning.


Intensive English Program


Application Fee

(nonrefundable; applicable toward tuition)


Required University

Intensive English Program $100 $300


(part-time per course)


($262 in the summer term)

 *Tuition and fees are expected to increase for the Fall 2019 semester of this program.

Summer Programs

Program Application Fee (nonrefundable) Deposit 
applicable toward tuition)

Required University

for Undergraduates
$100 $500 $3,150 $262
Professional and Academic English Program (PAEP) $100 $500 $3,150


English as a Foreign Language Program for International Teachers (EFLPIT) $100 varies varies


Summer Language and Culture Program (SLCP) $100 $500 $2,214


**Tuition is expected to increase for the Summer 2019 semester of these programs.  

Community Education Courses

General English Evening Course $100




($262 in the summer term)

Campus Conversation
Course (CCC)



(registration fee)


 ***Tuition and fees are expected to increase for the Fall 2019 semester of these courses.

*Required University Fees (where applicable)

Fees Amount
University Student Activity Fee $24 ($7 for summer programs)
Computing and Network Services Fee $100

Security, Safety, and Transportation Fee

Wellness Fee**** $65

**** The Wellness Fee provides access to Student Health Services, which covers minor health problems and pharmacy services. This fee is not hospitalization/health insurance. ELI students must show proof of hospitalization/health insurance at registration. Read more...

Additional Expenses

Students should plan accordingly for additional expenses for living and studying in Pittsburgh.