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Entrance Exam and Application Fees with Flywire

This payment option is only available for the entrance exam fee, application fee, and express mailing fee payments for the following programs and courses (if applicable):

  • Intensive English Program (IEP)
  • Professional and Academic English Program (PAEP)
  • Speaking and Listening for Communication course

For information on how to pay application fees and fees for other programs, please visit the programs page on the ELI website


Entrance Exam Fee

At this time, the entrance exam fee is only required for the Intensive English Program.

The University of Pittsburgh has chosen Flywire to provide an option for making international education payments. Flywire allows students to pay the entrance exam fee and application fee for the Intensive English Program, and the application fee for the Professional and Academic English Program and the Speaking and Listening for Communication course from their home country. Through FlyWire, students can access multiple international payment options for over 100 countries. Students and payers will be able to track their payments online from start to finish, save on bank fees and exchange rates, and contact Flywire's Customer Support Team. The Customer Support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and team members speak many languages. 

STEP 1:  Submit your application and pay the entrance exam testing fee (if applicable). Do NOT pay the application fee.

STEP 2:  The ELI will contact you with how to proceed and notify you when and if the application fee is due. 


How to Pay Your Application Fee & Deposit from Abroad

Photo of Flywire Payment Instructions

  1. Go to the ELI's International Payment Portal.
  2. Select the country you are paying from and your preferred payment method / currency.
  3. Enter basic identification information for the English Language Institute to identify your payment.
  4. Complete your payment. (For wire transfer payment methods, send your funds to the bank account information provided by Flywire).
  5. Track and confirm your payment at any time through your Flywire account and access Flywire’s multilingual customer support team.

24/7 Multilingual Customer Support
Phone: 1-800-346-9252
Email: support@flywire.com
International Phone Numbers & Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: If you are paying for two or more applicants, you must pay for one applicant at a time. This portal is NOT for paying tuition.