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ELI Housing Assistance

ELI Housing Assistance

Although students are responsible for making their own apartment leasing arrangements, if a student is unable to locate housing via the University's Office of Off-Campus Living, the ELI can provide information to help our students to locate apartments*. If you have applied to or are currently a student in the ELI's Intensive English Program or Professional and Academic English Program, the ELI can help you to:

  • locate an apartment
  • make telephone calls to landlords
  • arrange utilities (such as phone and electricity)
  • take care of some housing problems that develop during the term. 

ELI staff cannot visit apartments with students and cannot find an apartment for students before they arrive. If you would like the ELI to help you find an apartment when you arrive in Pittsburgh, you must make hotel reservations in advance. You can expect to stay in the hotel for three or more days while you look for and sign the papers for an apartment.

If you would like assistance finding and apartment, you must submit the ELI Housing Assistance Request Form at least one week in advance, and you must have applied to or are currently a student in the ELI's Intensive English Program or Professional and Academic English Program. Your completed application, application fee, and tuition deposit for these classes in the ELI must be received before the ELI can assist you.

*DISCLAIMER: The English Language Institute and the University of Pittsburgh do not recommend, inspect or warrant apartments or locations and make no representation or warranty about the safety, quality, or habitability of the apartments. It is entirely the student's responsibility to determine the safety, quality, or habitability of the apartment. 


Neighborhoods Near the University

Most students choose to live in apartments in neighborhoods near the University -- Oakland (North, South, Central, or West), Shadyside, or Squirrel Hill. Other neighborhoods that also are convenient and affordable are Greenfield, Bloomfield, Friendship, Highland Park, and Regent Square. Frequent buses go to all of these areas, and you will be able to ride the bus for free with your Pitt student ID.


Resources for Renting an Apartment

More information about renting an apartment can be found be on the University of Pittsburgh's Housing Resource Center web pages:

  • Renter's Checklist (a University of Pittsburgh publication containing information about how to find an apartment, find a roommate, be a good neighbor, etc)
  • Apartment Listings (a searchable database of apartments and sublets near campus)
  • Leases (basics of renting an apartment and signing a lease)
  • College Pads (a service for renters that the University partners with to provide both student renters and landlords a collaborative space to fill vacancies and find the perfect college apartment. Please note that you must already be a student at the ELI to use this service.)