English Language Institute

Life in Pittsburgh

map showing the location of Pittsburgh in the USAA student's life in Pittsburgh is rich in opportunities. On this page, you can learn about how to plan for your life in Pittsburgh: where to live, what to do upon arrival, and how to arrange health care, and then look at all the fun you'll have in Pittsburgh in the Activities Outside the Classroom section.


Housing options are plentiful in Pittsburgh. See what kinds of housing might be best for you.

Arrival in Pittsburgh

A variety of transportation means are available from the airport, including bus, taxi and limousine.  Students who will need to find housing after arriving in Pittsburgh should plan to stay in a hotel for several days.    

Health Care and Hospital Insurance

Our students' health and safety is very important to us. All ELI students have access to the University's Student Health Services and are required to show proof of hospital insurance at registration.  Read more about health care requirements...

Activities Outside the Classroom

There are many fun activities for students to do in their free time -- activities planned by the ELI, activities planned by the University, and activities and events around the City of Pittsburgh.  

The City of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a place that many international students and visitors call their second home. The high quality of life and low cost of living have earned the City of Pittsburgh many honors, including being named "America's Most Livable City". Read more about what makes Pittsburgh so wonderful and check out the University's guide for living and studying in Pittsburgh.  While you're at it, why not take a virtual tour of our campus, too!